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Wednesday, Jan. 14th 2015

Removing Red Wine Stains from Teeth

As red wine drinkers know, the beverage often leaves a stain on the teeth. Your instinct may be to brush your teeth right away to save embarrassment. However, this may actually damage your teeth.

That’s because the acidity of red wine weakens the enamel of the teeth, which means immediate brushing can cause serious damage to this protective layer.   There are other measures you can take to protect your teeth, such as drinking water: this increases the production of saliva, which balances the pH levels of the mouth. Eating also produces saliva, so eating along with your wine will also protect your teeth.

If you want to get the stains away quickly, wiping the area with gauze can get rid of the color without grinding away your enamel like brushing would.  Brushing your teeth beforehand may be even better at fighting red stains, as this eliminates the plaque that gives the stain a home in the first place.

So you wine lovers, drink responsibly – in moderation, and with a mind for your oral health!


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