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Bar-Overdenture Case Study

For cases where retention and bone loss are an issue, an over-denture bar restoration can be a great solution. The titanium implant bonds harmoniously with the bone through osseointegration, giving the patient a strong bite and preventing excess pressure to the patient’s remaining bone and gum tissueFor edentulous patients, these bars improve retention, function and speech much better than less stable restorations.


This picture shows a custom bar complete with porcelain-ready titanium restorations. The design of the bar compensates for substantial jawbone loss on the left side of the mouth. We have helped treat patients with dramatic bone loss – from gunshot wounds or car accidents, for example – using this restoration technique.

The following pictures show a case treating a patient’s edentulous mandible. The lab-designed bar connects to the titanium implants in the jaw: this spreads the strain from chewing over all the implants, which protects both the implants and gum tissue from excess pressure. This creates a much stronger bite and stability than a full denture alone can provide.

Our CAD/CAM-created titanium bars are created with Nobel Biocare technology. Each bar is milled from a solid titanium block, ensuring its accuracy and strength.